20/10/2012 23:53

    New workout

workout one. chest shoulders bis. stillthe same split.
decline bench is five sets of twenty.
flat bench 5 sets of eight superset with concentrate curls for bis

flat fly superset upright row
five sets of ten on each
then we have a tri set of
incline dumbbell curls, bent over fly and plate lateral raises
four sets of each in total, rep range from eight to fifteen

for back tris and quads.
still starting with deadlifts..
3 sets twenty reps. 2 sets of ten. the change in reps and weight should work nicely :)Posted Image
followed by, 5 sets of eight on lat pull down ( this personally is a great movement and will stay the same because of that )
but then i want you to do two handed pulley rows. 5 sets of ten
then tricep push downs superset straight arm pull downs ( for back )
4 sets of each, 8-10 reps
followed by, sissy squats. put plates under heels, and bar behind back, bend knees forward burns to fuck. 4 sets of twenty.
cross body tricep extension ( laying down ) 3 sets twelve

arms chest and shoulders.

still starting with that flat bench press 5 sets of 10 reps superset with cross body hammer curls
straight into up right row 4 by 15
then id like you to superset incline dumbbell curls with skull crushers using a set and rep range of 4 sets each, with 8-10 reps.
close grip barbell curls 4 sets of 10
rope pushdowns 4 sets of 10
superset arnold presses ( shoulders ) with french presses ( dumbbell in both hands behind neck tricep extension) and this will be 4 by 15 reps.

5 sets of twenty on squats.
4 sets of fifteen on front squats
4 sets of 10 on stiff legged deadlifts using bar
4 sets of 10 on extensions
then to kill you
hamstring curl superset dumbbell stiff legged deadlifts
3 by 15

then calf raises, twenty one style. for three sets