Bullet Proof Gym Wear

03/11/2012 12:45

Everyone needs gym wear.. comfortable durable FITTING clothing is a rare within normal 'clothing ranges' so the attention turns to 'gym wear'.

There are many companies out there whom produce gymwear, custom trouers, shorts, shirts, hoodies etc some have cartoons clever designs.. i have even seen some t shirts about that say stuff like

'steroids make your dick smaller........... not according to your girlfriend'

cheat on your girlfriend not your diet.

The one i turned my attention to was bulletproof gymwear, they have fantastic designs, quality fruit of the loom hoodies are used for every single HAND print..

yes HAND print.. so even if you and your mate buy the same hoodie in the same colour and size they wont be exactly the same.

A quick over view can be found on their site.

Having placed my first order and received it earlier this week.. a few points

  • Top quality hood, printwork

  • Fast response to customer questions by email (max i had to wait was 25hours) which these days is relatively fast

  • Good customer service, unluckily there was a technical problem with their payment confirmation methods they actually notified me about the same day

  • Well packed, the hoodie was sent out in a poly bag which is normal for clothing, but it was inside a second thick micron plastic bag for a little extra protection

  • Sized well.. in most hoodies i am XXL to XXXL depending on make.. this fits well.. not extremely baggy but there is definetly some room in there.. the only possible issue is arms.. if your rocking 20" arms you might want a XXXL lol


All in all a very good quality hoodie. worth a punt for a one off piece of tidy gymwear,