Dorian Yates Tempro

24/10/2012 22:42






Serving was taken post workout with 200ml of water (suggested is approx 12Oz of water.. but being english i couldnt be bothered working it out so i guessed)

Brilliant, 2 scoops 200ml of water, few flicks of the wrist and gone.. it actually mixes like a plain whey protein, very thin

After mixing i looks just like well thin vanilla milk shake, very watery,
Taste..... JESUS.. very very strong vanilla.. almost like a dessert cake vanilla more than vanilla extract.

After 'effects'
After taste, due to vanilla. the aftertaste is very strong
On first dose no real stomach issues, certain protein powders do no settle very well for me. this was like i had drank a watery milkshake rather than a protein.
Very strong flavour, very good mixability.. its only the price that is a tad of a put off.. but you get what you pay for and Yates supplements have always been good since the days of CNP, Yates approved... He knows supplements
Additional Information / Notes

Nice packaging. Plain but factual.. strange having stuff to read on a protein tub