Applied Nutrition Alpha-Genesis - Trial provided by AN (Adam)

12/12/2012 18:55

Alpha Genesis is a testosterone booster with a difference. Featuring a revolutionary blend of ingredients from old school proven testosterone boosting compounds to newly found scientific substances such as sodium and magnesium enriched D-Aspartic acid for the ultimate natural kick in test levels....well it has now got stronger thanks to increased dosages further enriching the increase in protein synthesis, hormone production and most importantly a rapid and dramatic kick in natural test levels!

Designed by Applied nutrition, alpha genesis is truly a comprehensive supplement in respect to overall hormonal support and aiding all aspects of muscle gain, including elevating protein synthesis, strength and recovery rates.

Beta-ecdysterone, avena sativa and fenugreek provide potent results by elevating protein synthesis as well as Leutinizing Hormone (LH) which starts the facilitation of extra testosterone. These compounds alongside elevated amounts of vitamin D3 and Na-M-DAA will synergistically work together to maximise your natural ability at building rock hard muscle mass and elevate strength levels.

Zinc, Copper & Boron also support those seeking improved performance in the gym and provides the building block of testosterone so not only will this supplement elevate test levels but will provide the necessary compounds to manufacture more of this wonderful anabolic hormone.



My diet is to consist of approximatly 200/150/130 pro/car/fat ratio split over 7 meals
The carbohydrates are to be oatbran, fruit, consumed meal 1 and 2 only (pre/postworkout meals)
The remaining meals are to be protein , fats from Chicken, tuna, protein shakes, - walnuts, cashews, rapeseed, olive oil
Veg to be consumed with meals 3-6, predominently green vegatables


Anabolic Designs
Ravenous (improves digestion)
Matador (improves utilisation of Carbs)
Aminotaur (preworkout, hica)
Shredabull (Fat burner)

ON, Betancourt
BCAA, Glutamine Chewies (main reason for these is my sweet tooth) this should ensure i stick to my diet strictly..

Training overview
Day 1 - Chest & shoulder (heavy) , Biceps (Pump)
Day 2 - Back (heavy) , Tricep (Pump)
Day 4 - Arms (heavy)
Day 5 - Legs

Day 3 & 6 - Cardio only days