10 Reasons Bodybuilding is Fucked

23/10/2012 22:02

Ungrateful... Pros should be grateful for every fan. Fans should be grateful for every moment

Ungrateful athetes. Those who "thank god" instead of the trainers. Nutritionist. companies. That supported

Banning athletes from competing in other orgs. (equivilant of your boss banning you from a weekend job)

Many will endorse anything for money. Regardless of whether they use, like or even know anything about it

Soy is better than Whey. Leg press is better than Squats. You are a 'Guru

Companies make money from newbies using overhyped claims 300% muscle increase from 8 weeks.no ofcom?

Athletes spend more to compete than they win.Top athletes earn more through sponsorship than winning shows.

Anyone lifting 50kg or more. Or in remotely good shape. Not skinny emo or fat man must be on steroids.

 Fat to contest condition in 8weeks (leave out the need for metabolism crashing. 2hour daily cardio and aas)  (Adverts)

Soy is not better than whey I don't care how many times you tell me it is... Its fucking not!!