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Applied Nutrition Alpha-Genesis Week 1 overview

20/12/2012 19:13
16th december workout Chest & Shoulder pump, Arms priority Bench press 10/70kg 10/70kg 10/70kg 10/70kg 10/70kg S/S Cross body Hammer Curls 10/16kg 10/16kg 10/16kg 10/16kg 8/16kg Upright Row 15/40kg 15/40kg 15/40kg 15/40kg Incline Dumbbell Curl 10/16kg 10/16kg 10/16kg 10/16kg S/S...

Applied Nutrition Alpha-Genesis Day 3 review

16/12/2012 20:46
So far. Improved sleep, uninterupted (not a great thing when pass out at 10pm and wake up at 5am bursting), deeper sleep noted Diet wise 5.30am Whey protein (1 scoops 30g) Apple (typical 133g size) Oat-Bran (100g serving) flaxseeds 7am Whey protein (1 scoops 30g) Oat-Bran (100g...

Applied Nutrition Alpha-Genesis - Trial provided by AN (Adam)

12/12/2012 18:55
Alpha Genesis is a testosterone booster with a difference. Featuring a revolutionary blend of ingredients from old school proven testosterone boosting compounds to newly found scientific substances such as sodium and magnesium enriched D-Aspartic acid for the ultimate natural kick in test...

Bullet Proof Gym Wear

03/11/2012 12:45
Everyone needs gym wear.. comfortable durable FITTING clothing is a rare within normal 'clothing ranges' so the attention turns to 'gym wear'. There are many companies out there whom produce gymwear, custom trouers, shorts, shirts, hoodies etc some have cartoons clever designs.. i have even...

Tonights Workout

01/11/2012 22:21
Tonights workout Chest & Shoulder pump, Arms priority Bench press    10/70kg 10/70kg 10/70kg 10/70kg 10/70kg S/S Cross body Hammer Curls   10/32kg 10/32kg 10/32kg 10/32kg 10/32kg Upright Row    15/40kg 15/40kg 10/60kg 10/60kg Incline Dumbbell Curl...

Anabolic Designs Matador

01/11/2012 18:03
Matador is another brilliant yet unique addition to the already successful Anabolic Designs range, It is designed to help control insulin sensitivity and dispose of glucose with minimal insulin release using a blend of natural ingredients, these combined ingredients help to create a supplement...

Walden's Farm Blueberry Spread

28/10/2012 18:38
  340g - 0g carbs per serving Walden Farms Blueberry Fruit Spread tastes great on bread, bagels, and anything else that you can imagine. This fruit spread is carbohydrate free, calorie free, fat free, cholesterol free, sugar free, and gluten...

Tonights Workout

24/10/2012 22:51
  Deadlift 20/120kg, 20/120kg, 20/120kg 8/180kg, 6/180kg Lat Pulldowns 8/50 8/60 8/60 8/70 6/90 Pulley Rows 10/60 10/60 10/80 10/80 10/100 Tricep Pushdowns 10/30 10/30 10/30 10/40 s/s straigh arm pulldowns 10/30 10/30 10/30 10/30 Sissy Squats 50/20 50/20 50/20 50/20 Dumbbell...

Dorian Yates Tempro

24/10/2012 22:42
      TEMPRO   Dose Serving was taken post workout with 200ml of water (suggested is approx 12Oz of water.. but being english i couldnt be bothered working it out so i...


24/10/2012 22:02
Ok so few bits, random pics of food, and my equipment so never need to go to shitty fitness first to do cardio :D  
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